My main instrument is bass guitar, which I’ve played for 40-odd years. I’m reasonable on guitar, though I tend mainly to play acoustic. I can play piano/keyboards a bit, and I dabble with mandolin and bouzouki.

I use Shuker basses, built by the excellent luthier Jon Shuker, at his little workshop near Hope, Derbyshire. I have a Modified P/J fretted and an Artist fretless made by him, both lovely instruments. I also have a couple of Fenders which I use mainly for recording. I don’t use 5 string basses because the B string always sounds different to the others, and I don’t like that.

My oldest and most treasured bass is my 1977 Musicman Stingray, which I’ve had from new, but I don’t gig it much these days.

My acoustic guitars are a Taylor 814Ce and a Gibson J45.

Keyboards consist of a rather extravagant Nord Stage 3, and a little Roland RD64 for small venues.